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The Voice of Trey Lorenz

Trey Lorenz has a four octave range which only a few singers such as Brian McKnight even come close to. Trey Lorenz is using his falsetto when he sings those high notes.

You can hear Trey sing his incredible high notes on:
- I'll Be There
- Someone To Hold
- Just To Be Close To You
- Baby I'm In Heaven
- It Only Hurts When It's Love
- How Can I Say Goodbye
     (See The Multimedia Section To Download These Songs)

Not only can Trey go extremely high, but he also can hit some pretty low notes as well, as demonstrated in many of his songs, such as the end of "It Only Hurts When It's Love."
Male Singers Who Hit High Notes:
- Ryan Toby, when he was younger he preformed "Oh Happy Day," in the movie 'Sister Act 2.' Then his voice was unchanged and he hit a note that was probably in the Whistle Octave. It is absolutely incredible! Toby, is now in the rap/R&B group "City High." It is doubtful that he can any longer hit his high notes.
- Philip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire hits some incredibly high notes, using his falsetto. You can hear him sing these high notes on "Reasons," both the live version and the studio version really display his talents.

The Whislte Octave:
You have probably heard Mariah Carey sing those incredibly high notes that she sings. That high note is called "The Whistle Octave," and there are few women in the world who can do it. It is the highest register that human voice is capable of and only women can produce those notes. Scientists have found that black women have a genetic disposition to be able to sing in the whistle octave. Here is a list of singers who can do the whistle octave and a few songs that you can hear them do it:

Mariah Carey - All In Your Mind, Emotions, Heartbreaker, & Bliss.
(Click Here, to hear Mariah sing an acapella of 'All In Your Mind' where she does her high notes, Trey Lorenz is singing background vocals here)

Debelah Morgan - I Remember, Tonight, Close To You, Take The Rain Away, & Think Of You.
Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You (Is Easy 'Cause Your Beautiful) & Inside My Love.
Chante Moore - I See You In A Different Light & Love's Taken Over (Quit Storm Mix)
Shanice - Lovin' You, Fly Away, Turn Down The Lights, Breathe Again (Live From Babyface's Unplugged Concert).
Angela Via - Picture Perfect
Rachelle Ferrell -

... A little more on vocal range. Mariah Carey has a five octave range, the second greatest vocal range ever known. Here is the proof about Mariah's range (thank you to the unnamed author):

Mariah Carey has a 4.5 close to a 5 octaves vocal range. In her recordings, she hits the lowest note a C3 (an octave below C4 the middle C - a Baritone range) in the beginning of 'You're So Cold' (from the album 'Emotions') and the same note at the end of 'My All' (from the album 'Butterfly'). Mariah sings her highest note at F7 (a Coloratura Soprano range, which is a whole octave above the Soprano's high C, C6) in the ending of 'All In Your Mind,' she even went up to a G7 in a live performance of 'Emotions' in 1991 on the MTV Music Awards and again on 'Emotions' when singing live on the 'Arsenio Hall' show. This a vocal range between 4 and 5 octaves.
The only other singer who can hit more notes than Mariah is Yma Sumac, who sings theatrical music. There are some rumors that say Mariah has a "seven octave" range, which is absolutely not true, and is not even possible for the human voice.