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The Voice of Trey Lorenz

Currently most of the audio files are not working. If possible they will be updated.

'Trey Lorenz' - The Self-Titled Debut Album

  • Someone To Hold
  • Photograph of Mary
  • Just To Be Close To You
  • Run Back To Me
  • Always In Love
  • Wipe All My Tears Away
  • Baby I'm In Heaven
  • It Only Hurts When It's Love
  • How Can I Say Goodye
  • Find A Way
  • When Trouble Comes

  • Make You Happy - Perth, Australia - Butterfly Tour
  • Mariah & Trey - Thank God I Found You - Koln Arena, Germany - Rainbow Tour
  • Mariah & Trey - Thank God I Found You Remix - Koln Arena, Germany - Rainbow Tour
  • I'll Be There - Live (MTV Unplugged)
  • I'll Be There - Live (TOTP)
  • Make You Happy
  • Wanna Girl
  • My Younger Days
  • Mariah Carey - All In Your Mind (Acapella) Trey sings background vocals.
  • Trey's Voice Message A new "I'll Be There"

    These songs are available because EPIC no longer sells Trey Lorenz music and you can no longer buy the CD in stores nor can you purchase them through download (i.e. iTunes). Thus, this page is the only way to promote Trey Lorenz material. If anyone feels that these files violate their copyright please contact the webmaster.